Orrin Hatch. A pretense of Virtue.

LakeOrrin long ago exiled the “better angles of his nature” to some dark and unreachable corner.

For Orrin Hatch there are two systems of justice in the United States, one for members of the Republican party, and one for everyone else. Hypocrisy defines him and most of the rest of the modern Republican party the way personal honor once defined the ancient greeks. He demands accountability from everyone but himself and his party. So much so that it’s difficult to imagine him actually making any decisions based on ethical principles. He thinks only in terms of expediencies. However virtuous Orrin Hatch may pretend to be, his true character is daily revealed by his actions. He excuses criminal conduct by Donald Trump because it allows the opportunity to dismantle 100 years progress. For Orrin, America stands for government of rich, by the rich and for rich.

The American Political Philosopher Hannah Arendt said: “As witness not of our intentions but of our conduct, we can only be true or false. The hypocrites crime is that he bears false witness against himself.” For that reason, “Only the hypocrite is truly rotten to the core.”

Orrin Hatch describes Trump as an honest hardworking man when it is clear to everyone he lacks any qualifications for his office. Evan McMullin, a fellow Republican and a BYU graduate who ran against Trump and who also served in the CIA, said about Trump; "I honestly believed, and still do, that Donald Trump presents a danger to the country. And I make no apologies for that." But for Orrin Hatch, sleazy, bungling incompetence, is fine, as long as it's Republican sleaze and incompetence.

Orrin Hatch spent the last 8 years vilifying a decent man. One fairly elected president of the United States, while he now condones the criminal acts of a vile one. Orrin spent 8 years ripping apart 200 year old norms of behavior in the Senate, for minor partisan advantage. He lead a year long effort to obstruct a vote on Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, not because he thought Garland was unqualified, but to cynically politicize the Supreme Court. He was unconcerned how that might damage the credibility of present and future court decisions.

But when the opposition legitimately objected to two of Trump's Cabinet appointees, because both men lied during their confirmation hearings, Orrin had the gall to say; “I don’t remember us treating their nominees this way. Assuming that they don’t support these two, then they can vote against them." Then using a phrase previously used against him for delaying the Garland vote - he said; “We’ll see if they will come and do the job that they’ve been elected and sworn to do,” He then continued his assault on long standing senate rules and approved the appointments without the necessary quorum to do so.