When regulation is in favor of workmen it is always just and equitable." Adam Smith

Morgan Democratic Caucus.

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“The government must be looked upon as a compensatory agency in this economy to do just the opposite of what private business and individuals do. The latter are necessarily motivated by the desire for profit. The former must be motivated by social obligation.”

Marriner Eccles, 1936

Congressman Rob Bishop Doesn't Give a Damn What You Think.

Rob Bishop lied at a town hall. His "Alternate Facts" on school funding and his justification for selling off public lands to his friends has no relationship to the truth.


How to Improve Education Funding.

The reason Morgan County School District is so underfunded is because the Legislature changed the way education is funded.

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The Great Public Land Swindle

74% of western voters do not want the government to sell off our public lands but Rob Bishop is going to do it anyway.


Orrin Hatch's Hypocrisy

Orrin Hatch thinks the Supreme Court belongs to him and so does his seat in the Senate. Like many Republicans he forgets who he works for.

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The EPA Exists to Protect Public Health

Like building codes, environmental regulations are meant to protect Public Health. Republicans are Dismantling These Protections"


How the Republican Party came to change it's mind about climate change.

Did you know Ronald Reagon himself signed a law requiring the President to develop and propose to the Congress a coordinated national policy on global climate change? That was nearly 30 years ago.


Republicans Are Going After Social Security

No. Social Security is not in Trouble. But there are some in Congress who want you to believe it is.


Details on the Russian Connection

Summary of what is known so far about Russian involvement in our elections.


Do Not Rob Public Schools to Fund Unregulated Charter Schools.

"Public assets are being unnecessarily transferred to private hands, at taxpayers expense, risking the future provision of public education". So says a new report by the University of Colorado.


Al Gore did not invent climate change.

The effects are visible everywhere for anyone to see. THe Defence Department says "Climate Change poses a serious threat to America's national security."